Our boeing 747-400F

The Boeing 747-400F Cargo is the all-cargo transport variant of the Boeing 747-400 aircraft family.

Loading Operations / Accessibility

The Boeing 747-400F, all cargo, has 5 main doors for the Loading 1 main deck side cargo door to load ULD up to 3mt high

1 main deck nose cargo door, which opens upwards, to load ULD up to 2,4mt and even over 12mt long

2 lateral lower deck side cargo doors (one on the front lobe and one in the rear lobe) to load ULD up to 160mt high

1 lateral after side cargo doors to load loose cargo at bulk.

The aircraft has a ULD mechanized moving system.

Our team

SW Italia is located inside theMxp Business Park in Vizzola Ticino. The operating on the ground is more than 60, to which we must add the crews aboard the Boeing 747 that six times a week connects Malpensa with the main airports in Asia, in particular Baku and Hong Kong

SW Italia Spa
Italian Cargo Airlines
Head Office Operations: Via G. D’Annunzio 2,
Vizzola Ticino (VA), Italy
Ph: + 39 0331 1605740-Email: info@switalia.eu

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