Enac has issued the air operator’s certificate and the cargo transport licence to SW Italia, the entrepreneurs Ignazio Coraci and Francesco Rebaudo. It will be based at Malpensa and will fly with a B747-400F.

After one year from the presentation to Enac of the new Italian air Cargo company, the National Civil Aviation Authority has issued the necessary authorizations to operate in Italy. On 10 January this year, SW Italia received its first fixture, a Boeing 747-400f, which will be based in Malpensa. The first planned route will link the Lombard airport with Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, from which it should continue to Hong Kong. According to some previews of the sun 24 hours, the company will ask for flight rights also for Korea, Japan and Shanghai. By next summer a second plane, a B747-8F destined for North America, should be reached.

SW Italia is based in Vizzola Ticino, in the province of Varese, and employs about fifty people, including twenty pilots.


SOURCE: Transporteurope. 02/02/2015